DIY Marbled Stationary

Hey guys!

You should know up front that I’m addicted to Pinterest. No joke, I’m on that site too much! The up side about being addicted to Pinterest is that I see tons of cool DIYs that I HAVE to try, like this super cool stationary project!

FullSizeRender 4

This is one of the coolest DIY’s that I’ve tried by far! I LOVE the different marble patterns that each card gets. So here’s how to do this project yourself!

First you need to gather all of your supplies. This includes:

  • shaving cream
  • food coloring (preferably liquid, but gel can work)
  • blank stationary
  • a ruler
  • pencil or toothpick
  • spatula (not pictured)
  • pan big enough for stationary (not pictured)

FullSizeRender 14

Next, you need to fill the pan with a good amount of shaving cream. It should be enough to fit the dimensions of the paper you will be marbling.

FullSizeRender 19

I took this amount and mixed it up to get one fluid pan of shaving cream. Now you need to add some food coloring to get the marbling pattern going!

FullSizeRender 6

I only added a couple of drops of the blue food coloring, then I took the spatula and gave it a few swirls. You don’t want to mix too much or the marbling will go away and you’ll just be left with blue colored shaving cream.

Now it’s time to dip the card in the shaving cream mixture!

FullSizeRender 17

I didn’t do this, but I recommend putting masking tape around the perimeter of the backside of the card, otherwise the shaving cream will go over and stain the back edges of the white paper.

Push the card down and make sure all the card is touching the shaving cream, or you will be left with white spaces.

FullSizeRender 21

Peel the card out of the pan and lay it down on top of newspaper (shaving cream and food coloring WILL stain). Don’t worry if the marble pattern doesn’t look very good because after you take your ruler and use it to scrape the shaving cream off of the card the real pattern will reveal itself!

FullSizeRender 22

FullSizeRender 9

To dye the envelopes, put masking tape over the areas you want to stay white. (TIP: Press the tape on your arm/leg/fabric to make it less sticky so that it doesn’t rip the paper when you take it off the stationary.) Repeat the steps from dying the card and it should look something like this:

FullSizeRender 23

FullSizeRender 7

Here are my finished results:

FullSizeRender 13

I continued to mix in new colors and make new patterns for each card that I did. I also made sets, so the cards had matching envelopes.

It’s a pretty easy DIY to follow, but it is time consuming. Let me know in the comments if you try these and share a picture of your completed masterpiece if you do!


Welcome Aboard!


My name is Raveen and I’m a California native, born and raised. Instead of talking about myself (I did that enough when I was writing essays for college applications!), I thought I would share my bucket list with you guys. In my opinion, this is a great way to get to know someone beyond the surface level. So here is everything that I have come up with so far that I want to do in my existence, in no particular order:

  • travel the world
  • experience culture around the world
  • ride an elephant
  • visit an elephant sanctuary (I’m not obsessed with elephants, I swear!)
  • go on a volunteer trip across seas
  • read 1984 by George Orwell
  • learn how to speak, read & write Punjabi (language spoken in the state of Punjab, India)
  • go on a cruise
  • learn how to play the trumpet (I’ve already checked off the clarinet and saxophone)
  • go on a spontaneous (road) trip
  • go to Coachella
  • graduate from college
  • attend a live TED talk
  • go skydiving
  • read a book by Oliver Sacks
  • start a blog

Now you know a little bit about my ambitions in life! Let me know in the comments if you have anything similar on your bucket list or if you have something completely different you want to share!