New Orleans!

A few months ago, I booked a ticket to New Orleans for the weekend. It was a pretty spontaneous decision (check that off my bucket list). One of my best friends moved there for college, so I thought I would give her a visit.

I discovered that New Orleans is so different than anything that I’m used to! The people are so welcoming and chatty, the buildings in the French Quarter have so much history behind them, and the food there is definitely worth trying!

Here are a few snapshots from my weekend in New Orleans. Enjoy!

My flight was super early in the morning, but at least I was excited!
NOLA-Colorado Snow
I had a layover in Denver, and being from California, I haven’t seen snow in so long! I needed to get a picture to show everyone at home that it still exists.
NOLA-Bus Ride
Like a true college student on a budget, I took the bus from the airport to meet Tiffany.
I came to a new state, so obviously I had to eat like the locals. Here is my dinner from a wing place.
Our hostel (yes, we stayed in a hostel) provided pancake mix and a grill for breakfast, so naturally we couldn’t turn that down!
The streetcar stop was right outside our hostel, so we ended up taking that all the way down to Bourbon Street.
NOLA-Bourbon St
Here’s proof that we did end up on Bourbon Street. (That’s what it says underneath all the Mardi Gras beads)
I loved seeing the typical New Orleans architecture.


This was one of the foods I had to try! It’s a beignet, which is basically a doughnut without a hole covered in powdered sugar. So good!
NOLA-Cafe Du Monde
By chance, we ended up at the original Cafe Du Monde, which was pretty cool! We did have to wait in a pretty long line though, but it was worth it.
Lots of cool artists displaying their works in a little square we found off Bourbon Street.
NOLA-Typewriter Poems
This guy had a full on typewriter to write the poems with! I wish I had gotten a poem…
NOLA-Gumbo Festival
Apparently there’s always something happening in New Orleans. This weekend that something was a Gumbo Festival! They had live bands and lots of food!
Here’s my first tasting of Gumbo! I’m not a fan of sea food, so this one had chicken and sausage in it, which was delicious!
NOLA-Coronation or Wedding?
At Tiffany’s college, they had homecoming events, so we went to the crowning of the homecoming king and queen.┬áIt was ridiculously formal, and we both felt like we were at a wedding!

NOLA-Rav and Tiff at Coronation

I will say that traveling across the country for the weekend is hard. There was so much time spent traveling, especially because I had a layover on the flight there and back. It was totally worth it though! I had a great time catching up with Tiffany, and I loved exploring New Orleans with her!

I hoped you enjoyed looking at the pictures from New Orleans!