All throughout middle school, teachers prepare you for the next step in life- high school. Same goes for high school, you spend four years preparing for college. I thought college was going to be the time when people stop preparing you and finally let you live, but apparently the rules are very different for those of us in community college.

As  a senior in high school I thought my life was set. I had a spot in a good college, I was almost done with high school, and it was almost summer. Little did I know that my life was not going to be that simple.

As a graduation present, my parents took my family and I over seas for one of the best family vacations. On vacations, the point (at least for me) is to be detached from everything, including email. Now here’s a tip about international travel- make sure you check internet at least a few times in your trip otherwise you may miss that very important email from your future. In my case, my college had emailed and asked for the transcript from that one elective class I took over the summer before junior year. Of course, being in another country, I didn’t send it in time and that was that.

In the split second after reading that rejection letter, my entire life was changed. I went through all seven stages of grief of course, but afterwards my eyes were opened to the endless possibilities of the rest of my life.

This evil email was no longer evil because it freed me from expectations. Yes, I still wanted a good job later in life, but after months of nonstop thinking about what to do, I realized that this is a blessing in disguise. I no longer had to follow convention, and I realized how ridiculous this convention was. People are so focused on the future that they rarely stop to enjoy the present.

I know how cliche this sounds, but it’s the truth. When you have the future laid out for you by the generations who came before, there is no time for self exploration, much less world exploration.

I am at community college right now, but this path is so different than the one I expected that it really opened my eyes to the world around me.

So, this is the story of how I was freed from convention.

Stay tuned to find out what life on the wild side is like…. 🙂


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