Glider Port

Today, my roommates (minus one) and I headed out for a nice relaxing day on the beach. We drove to the Glider Port, which is exactly what it sounds like- hang gliders take off and land right there.

From there, we walked down SO MANY stairs, all the way to the beach at the bottom…. which turned out to be a nude beach!

After the initial shock settled in, we found a good spot to settle past some cones indicating the end to the nude zone.

From our spot, we got to see hang gliders taking off, which was so cool and inspired an addition to my bucket list 🙂

We went on a walk down the beach to see a house sitting directly on the beach. It’s the house that looks like a wheel. (Bonus points if you can spot Eva exploring the house)

Overall, it was a just super relaxing day.

Enjoy the pictures!




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