Davis, California

If you’ve read some of my latest posts, you’ll know I was taking a summer class in San Diego. I had a blast there, both in the class and with my roommates.

Well, in a stunning turn of events, I find myself taking another summer class in….. Davis, California!

If you’ve never heard of Davis before, let me quickly fill you in. It’s a very small college town in the middle of a bajillion cows. Just kidding, there are a few haystacks too.

Anyways, Davis is known for being a huge agriculture town and that’s what the school is known for too. The school is also known for having a huge biking community, so much so that the town is literally home to the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame.

I’ve been here for two weeks already, and let me tell you, I’m missing the beaches of San Diego. I’ve found myself in my room a lot these past weeks, trying to avoid the heat.

As a self proclaimed wanderess, being in this tiny room for hours on end is driving me insane! I had a little mental breakdown because of my boredom, so I’ve been making it a point to spend as little time in that room as possible.

Instead, I’ve been doing things like…

…doing homework in coffee shops. This picture was taken at the CoffeeHouse (CoHo) which is the largest student run “restaurant” in the US, which is really cool.


… reading in the hammocks. I was actually lying on the grass in this picture, but you can see the blue hammocks in the background. They’re such a popular napping spot that I have to wait on the grass for one to clear out!


…biking around campus to see the horses and cows.


…visiting the famous Davis Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. All the fruits and veggies looked so pretty, it was hard not to take pictures of everything. I have so many pictures, but this one was by far my favorite 🙂

FullSizeRender 4.jpg














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