I’ve been away from home for about 12 weeks now. I started out my summer in San Diego, went home for two days, then came to Davis. Although I did go home for those two days in between, I don’t really count that because of how short that was.

Before I left for this summer excursion, I was definitely excited to move out and experience independence. After a while, though, I do miss hanging out with my family. I miss being weird around them and not caring.

In college, especially with a roommate, we’re expected to maintain a little bit of decorum, which is a real pain to do for 12 weeks straight.

This is why I broke out into a huge smile when I read the first postcard my mom sent me.

I was the entire children’s book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom written out onto one postcard. This was the weirdest, most random thing I’ve ever seen, which is why I instantly loved it!


I love that it’s such a quirky thing to do. I’m still not sure why my mom started this, but ever since then, I’ve been receiving postcard after postcard with parts of kid’s books written on them.

They are all books I LOVED reading when I was little and it brings a smile to my face every time I get a new one.

I’ve gotten excerpts from I Want My DinnerCurious George, and even Harry Potter 🙂


Thanks for injecting a little bit of weird back into my life, Mom! I can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂

(No pressure)




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