Current Obsession: Coffee Radio

I was going to write a Current Obsession about Stranger Things on Netflix, but I thought I didn’t need to since it’s kind of a given that EVERYONE is obsessed with that show.

Besides Stranger Things (I’ve watched season 1 twice… that’s how obsessed I am), I am loving listening to Coffee Radio on Pandora.

While I was in San Diego this summer one of my roommates introduced me to this song “Coffee” by Sylvan Esso:

This song is the perfect chill song. I love listening to this when I’m studying or just hanging out. I created a station on Pandora for this song so that I could find more songs like this one, and I fell in love with the whole station.

All of the songs that are played are super chill, relaxing songs, but they’re also just good songs in general. I’ve listened to the playlist so much that it starts repeating the same songs, which could get annoying but I don’t mind.

Here are some of the songs I love from this station:

Let me know if you liked any of these songs or if you have any song suggestions!



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