S’mores Cookies?

This weekend I decided to do some baking to take a break from homework. (Going into college I knew I was going to have lots of homework, but I didn’t realize how much of that homework is just READING. I love to read SO MUCH… but not textbooks…) Anyways, I needed a break from mind numbing textbook garble, so my brother and I took to Pinterest and tried to baked S’mores cookies!

Just a heads up- Pinterest recipes can be disappointing. They always look so easy yet professionally made, but let me tell you that the majority of human beings are not capable of making something that perfect. This is what the recipe said the cookies would look like:

smores-stuffed-chocolate-chip-cookies-3aImage courtesy of this lovely website

Unfortunately, this is not what our end product looked like. I’m just going to share pictures of our process, but if you want to attempt this recipe yourself then go ahead and click here for the recipe.

First we started out with the standard steps for cookie dough: mixing dry ingredients together, then mixing wet ingredients together. Those were eventually combined to create cookie dough! YUM.


Things started to get interesting with this step. We got out our s’mores ingredients…SmoresCookies-Ingredients

… and attempted to make a s’mores/cookie creation. This is the last step where things went according to the recipe. After this picture was taken, everything went downhill.

As you can see, this is gigantic! I basically had to form walls with the cookie dough in order to completely cover the s’more…SmoresCookies-Assembly2

… and of course, I ran out of cookie dough. So the last cookie had a floor, ceiling, and two walls. (You know the recipe has turned out wrong when you start comparing it to a house…)

Here is the finished product! These are massive cookies, first of all! It’s crazy they didn’t end up all over the bottom of the oven! Second of all, I think they look a little different from the example picture… What do you think? 🙂

P.S.- In case you still thought this was a successful baking attempt just look at the little mishap we had. Poor chocolate chips:


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