Muir Woods

I’ve lived less than an hour away from San Francisco my entire life, yet I’d never been to Muir Woods before. A local not taking advantage of the sights? I know it’s a shocker.

So recently, my family and I decided to visit as a little “staycation,” and it was SO worth it.


Word of warning- getting there late in the day is not recommended since we spent about 2.5 hours stuck in the car just trying to get through the SF traffic. So if you’re really on top of things, I’d suggest getting to the park around 7:30 or 8 am since parking fills up fast.

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Once we were inside the park though, it was beautiful! We started off with the Canopy View Trail, which wound up and up. The incline wasn’t too bad but be careful and dodge all the roots growing out of the path! I liked this one since it was a dirt trail, as opposed to paved or wooden planks.

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We turned back after a bit and walked on the main trail afterwards. That was packed with more people, but it was still lovely. I also enjoyed hearing other people’s accents and trying to guess where they were visiting from.

If you’re ever in the area or live nearby and haven’t gone, I highly recommend it. I would suggest taking the Canopy Trail since it’s less populated and more peaceful than the main trail.

Bonus: we got to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge to get there, which never gets old 🙂


Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 10.40.14 PM



Glider Port

Today, my roommates (minus one) and I headed out for a nice relaxing day on the beach. We drove to the Glider Port, which is exactly what it sounds like- hang gliders take off and land right there.

From there, we walked down SO MANY stairs, all the way to the beach at the bottom…. which turned out to be a nude beach!

After the initial shock settled in, we found a good spot to settle past some cones indicating the end to the nude zone.

From our spot, we got to see hang gliders taking off, which was so cool and inspired an addition to my bucket list 🙂

We went on a walk down the beach to see a house sitting directly on the beach. It’s the house that looks like a wheel. (Bonus points if you can spot Eva exploring the house)

Overall, it was a just super relaxing day.

Enjoy the pictures!



Ho Chi Minh Trail

No, this isn’t the Ho Chi Minh trail you’re thinking of. This one is in La Jolla, San Diego and it connects a wealthy neighborhood to the wild beach. Apparently this trail was used by surfers as a shortcut to the beach, which sounds fine but seems physically impossible once you realize you need both hands and both feet to climb down. This trail is definitely not for beginners (my roommates found that out the hard way), but it is so worth the sweat and scrapped knees.

The main reason I wanted to climb this trail was the stand stone carvings that I’d seen pictures of online. It was 1000 times more amazing in person, but these pictures are pretty cool too.

The sandstone forms a canyon that we had to climb through, which is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I felt like a real explorer as I scaled the edges and jumped from one level to the next.

The only bad thing about the sandstone canyon is that I was so focused on going forward, maneuvering through it’s narrow curves, that I looked up at one point and noticed just how narrow everything had gotten… and how tall the canyon was… and how small I was… and then I remembered what I’d read online about how these sandstone walls were at risk of crumbling down in an avalanche at any moment.

Ok maybe that last part was a little bit of an exaggeration, but in that second all I could focus on was the lack of air around me and the towering sides closing in. My chest started constricting and my breath was getting faster and faster. All I knew was that I had to get out of there. Immediately. Not knowing what was ahead, I yelled over my shoulder to my roommates as I high tailed it back the way we came.

This whole ordeal has taught me a pretty cool lesson, I must say- adrenaline does wonders for the impossible.

On the way down, I didn’t think about how to get back up; I just jumped down when it was too high, slid forward when I had no traction, and asked for advice when I was stuck.

On the way up, however, I was alone with only one thought in my head, “GET. OUT. NOW.” Adrenaline did the rest for me. I somehow scaled my way out of the canyon until I felt the calming ocean breeze on my face.

I’ve never had a panic attack before, but this was definitely the closest I’ve ever been. I had no idea I was that claustrophobic, but luckily this incident didn’t ruin the rest of the trip for me. I had a great time climbing the rest of the way down, and the beach was gorgeous!

ANYWAYS, here are the pictures from our hike through the Ho Chi Minh trail.





Summer in San Diego

As you can see from the title, this summer I’m in San Diego! More specifically, I’m studying at UCSD for a couple of weeks.

Classes just started and I’m loving it here in SoCal! The weather is always warm and the sun is always shining.

Before classes did start, my mom and I got to explore San Diego a bit. Here are some pictures from our adventures.

Take off!
Enjoying a lovely beach walk with my mom.
The cutest interior design shop located in Solana Beach. (I bought some cute notebooks!)
Little hipster cafe
Hibiscus tea, almond milk cappuccinos, and chocolate chip cookies are pretty good pick me ups after walking in the sun for hours 🙂


I love food trucks, and it was so cool seeing a taco truck in the parking lot of Torrey Pines beach.
Tacos from the aforementioned taco truck. So tasty, but the salsa was misleadingly spicy!
Nothing like decorating sand castles with colorful rocks.


The most intimidating library ever.
The view from the 6th floor of said library. Not so scary from the inside 🙂


Stay tuned for more adventures from San Diego!









Father’s Day 2k16!

This year for Father’s Day, my family took my dad on a hike. I love hiking, but I don’t get to go as often as I’d like, so this was a really great outing for all of us!

The forest was really green and peaceful, which was very relaxing especially because I had finals the next week. We even saw a few deer!

I made this little video of the hike, so go check it out!

Also, let me know what you did for Father’s Day in the comments!